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From my english BLOG, it has turned Swedish (.se) (and for YOU)

I am aching, I am braking, I am acting, I have attitude, I dont get, I get, I find solutions, I loose solutions, I listen to music and I change my mind, I see, I dont see. Is this life? Why do I act like this? Why? Are there anybody out there with a logical part? Someone who is like the man I fell in love with 2010? I just dont think so. He is unique... I am about to give up the believe in people, overall.

Is it really normal that a single person, with 17 years web experience , and making notes after every single change of password (from 1 week ago extra control), are FORGETTING THEM so easy? WHEN will the public realise that I am harassed? Persecuted by a man who claims he knows what I am thinking, based upon an idea I wrote with some friends many years ago, the whole idea is about putting an isotope camera in the body to see - put it behind the centra in the brain where people see, its about via signals to the brain, through equipment in the stomage, or gynecological, count every single step a human is doing, same time check the person daily to see their behaviour. The signals and the behaviour together gives you a result in what the person is thinking. Ex, you move a finger, you get one signal (result), then you go on studying the other finger for example the thumb, by viewing the person at the same time, you get another signal a s w. He has followed me for a long time, because of this my music carrier has been destroyed and delayed. I heard that I had got 2 music contracts, but they did not tell me in time.

I have written it, the idea, I am the owner of the material and it was stolen many years ago either from my computer locally, or via a computer brake in I reported to the police in 2003-2004 (have not the records now). Same time I had to cancel the bank transactions I had online and change it to ordinary papers to send in for my bills.

It started in facebook 2010 (I was invited from a song site), he showed me underlying that he knew what I did, what I said, what I wrote, and finally it has grown to that..yes...he knows a lot what I am thinking, I admit, but NOT all details, not process thoughts (when you are thinking around things) and some more. Not the past. People have claimed me sick in my head, but the docs have said I am not, on the last tests. Here, locally, they are working their minds off to get me into hospital, I really really dont get all this and what it is about. Now they are trying to put over (theory) all this on my daughter instead (change ID, and take mine), my daughter probably have the media with her. The other day I read an article in aftonbladet plus "My mum is destroying my life"(yes I took it THIS time as it was pointed to me, if it wasnt a paper duck) I have hard rumors that she is together with a man I started to love, he will make her famous in Paris and US, and he is in my age! I am so tired of all rumors, doesnt matter are they true or not true, it is the was of acting i can not accept. How could she do that to me, I have carried her for 18 years, the other one 25. Can it really be true?

I have been very very sick during the years out of this matter, 2010 i could hardly go out with my dog, before that I lost so much weight so they told me to gain weight again, I was so sick (2007) I am full of metals in the body and nobody wants to care me, the doctors doesnt want to listen as it seems when I ask why I have been so sick, and a lot of strange strange things has happened, including allergias and much more I havent had before. I am only 46, I have lost 16 kg, walking mostly every day now to keep my head high. Now I am not small, like 2007. Thereś so much to say about this, so I suppose I have to get myself a lawyer, I dont have power anymore, everything is wrong, computers, logins, viruses, phones, well you read it yourself. And to be honest, I am not stupid at computers, but not a technician either.

He probably hates me, because I told about this in public in facebook, and I never got that it was that dangerous, I thought it was a good idea, thought we could find solutions together instead of that I would report him to the police for mistreating me within the care system. I have got damages I could show up, and I am sure I have to ahead. My plan is to get abroad, and get me a doc there because no one here will admit it. I have lost a lot of hair, parts of hair where I suspect the equipment is in my body, not all hair is gone, but parts. I have lost a lot of ordinary hair on my head (I have a lot since before, but it is much thinner. I have so much metals in my body so all the pics I showed up before is true. I have a hard time to breath, and sometimes at nights I wake up and it feels like I am about to loose all air and wants to vomit. Peridically I get blue marks all over my legs, headache, and hard to see clearly. The other day I had to run to my bed because I could notfocus on the seeing, I was not dizzy, it was something happening in my head. But 5 minutes later all was ok. I thought I was about to get a bleeding in my brain, I dont know what has happened but I am quite ok right now when I am writing. Sometimes I loose the ability to spell words when I write with a normal pencil, and I am living alone so I dont say much. I dont expect anyone will feel sorry for me, but I would be happy if people could understand that I am not a liar. I defended these docs, one was working with movements, the other one with the other things. I defended them all the time in facebook, when it was a "fight" in there about me and my choices I did. (all who was there knows about it)

I just think it is unfair, to put me out of this project because I have written it, I really did, how could I otherwise know about it. All in my town knows its me, at least they have shown that attitude and behaviour, just as if they knew all about this.

I think the tactics are to make me so much bad things as possible, to make people say: Oh no, this cant be true, its to bad to be true. She must imagine it all. Ok, I let people believe that. Now lately they have spoken beside me, it can be someone coming and saying to me when we are having a discussion about something else, that "they" will go to operation. If this was something like in facebook, underlying things to show me, but avoid for others, I can say that I wont make an operation until he admits that I am the owner, at least that I think I deserve. Of course some wants me to make that operation, to take all things out, to hide the proofs, thats also why they have closed me out since January from facebook. Probably they have changed all the paths for the thinking idea, changed people, changed everything, to finally claim that I am a liar. I just ask all...why?? I could have reported these doctors already in 2010, but I did NOT. I believed in them, I believed that we would reach something interesting and I was too kind. But...I have facebook data saved, I will go through it and see. So much bad happening in there I have never experienced in my life online. Just a few days ago, I got the opportunity to download a new possibility to recover my password via phone to the gmails accounts. I have tried everything. My God, this is my idea, they have stolen it. Its so unfair.

I dont know, is it my computer redirecting me wrong, or is it really gone facebook. http.//www.facebook.com/sivan.bostrom. I have had it for a long long time, many knows the address and can check it. I suppose it can be that my computer contains viruses. I have used Avira, and the firewall Zonealarm. That should be enough for a normal user.

To take one example today, you can NOT "root" (get ownership of) a phone, to get a firewall to work (it demands root access), and then you are completely open to the network, anyone can place anything in your phone because the insurance are not valid if you root it. I dont know how to root it, but I have read about it on the web. My phone works bad today, I have a special hidden unit on it, I can see it but dont touch it, I revealed it by downloading apps. Some are having access to my phone, and they are manipulating my connections, changing directions from http to https a s w, changing in forms what i am writing, whilst writing. So it seems like it is easy from the companies today to sell a phone but not allowing to root, or root them already from start.

Now , finally, I have heard underlying that they want me to change ID, to "die" from all my music, and all my name, and give the thinking idea, to this group on facebook. I wont, not fully, it is not right that I must "pay" so much compared with the others. They promised me Gold in 2010, but gave me stone in the end, and as this is not enough, now they are harassing me. Also, if it not taken away, look at the blogs articles from Google....it is about hairloss, and all the things circulates among me and what I do or experience. I dont get it. If one arent suffering of persecution mania, and I dont according to a psycholgical friend we have, and other docs, one WILL get it out of this matter.

I dont take any operation before he has admitted what he is lying about. Also, one of this hidden units on my phone and computer contains (at least DID, its changeable) a folder called "personality" and "irc". Maybe he puts me out on IRC, who knows? They said 2010, as a joke, you are shared with the world. Finally I can say, I have a university education, so I am not psychological sick. I have 5 books, diaries about all this i can scan and give to the court.

I have had enough of pain now, only God can care me the rest of the years I have left, I dont know how sick am I? Will I die soon, for real? I often cry, and i wonder even though i am strong. Do I have cancer out of all this? Do I suffer brain damages for life? How is it with my kidneys?? With a low income, very low,7500 sek/month I am fighting and buying tests for the blood sugar, so far it is ok. As an addition to this some have tried to claim underlying, that I have to get along with a forreigner, can it be him? The doc? My x? All are they in this group at facebook, thats my theory.

Give me my rights back, my dreams, my name, and last but not least my reputation. I worked with last I had , my voice and my creativity. The music is mine, mine, mine. I would never dream about stealing songs from others.

Me and my girls so well deserve to live a calm life. I dont think I ever can work anymore in Sweden, I also suffer fibromyalgia according to the doctors, that they have admitted. I think it was a scale 8/10, or 10/12 or something like that. Soo....I am not ok at all, physically.

I love YOU my SWEDISH radio host 2010 (22-02), I never forget you, never, believe me. My fans, I love you too, and believe, this is really me writing. The last I did in facebook in January, was to change my profile pic to my driving licence, a new one, the other one is gone from the apartment one night when I slept (still valid at the dates, but closed by the authorities). Just me and my daughter was at home..I used it at night before I went to sleep, put it back to my wallet, and in the morning it was gone. The door out was locked,,,so?? Not long ago I saw a cached site on google on the driving license, so I know it was there...now it does not work from my computer.

Well, as all can see, I dont have much power left to write now...but as all my sites closes down of any strange reason just after I have updated them....I thought I had to tell as much as possible.

Sivan (I wont change any ID folks,to become my mum, 70 years, I am keeping what has been most important in my life, to be accepted as Sivan, to be ME)

For YOU my love....:

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