onsdag 2 maj 2012

The Rights To My Things

Well my folks, havent been online for a long time, I suppose it is no reason for me to send some explanations in here, so far....not yet...but I will send in all the proofs needed a s a p, as soon as I have been able to leave this country. I have nothing to do on facebook with Paris, I have nothing at all to do with any forreigners from Marocko, and the guys I have loved is pure Swedish, view my youtube site youtube.com/sivanto, where I talk about Mr Smile and P.A, they are SWEDES I have a gang after me trying to force me to marry a forreign man, can be , and I said can be my x man....I dont know, but, I have been in love with my radiohost for so long now so I dont even care about these redicioulus things at all. They have hacked my phone and my computer, so I am at the library right now.....they treat me like a kid..and their main tactic is to make people believe I am a liar....just for this thing about the thinking idea, they will try to claim I am not the one, who this man knows what I am thinking, based upon my own idea written many years ago. They are making movies, false movies, we have logged them in real time syncrounus, me and my techician friend, they are making movies, false ones just to try to change this into some other people than me. But, I guess it is time for me to sigh, just the time will show that I am Sivan, that I am the owner of this material, that I WILL continue my music carrier, that I am the one and owner of all the songs written since 2005 until now. You people knowing me since all these years, can easy count with that I am NOT a liar, all theiur proofs is false, false, false. They have arranged witnesses, and other things too, so right now I dont have a chance to prove anything, also as I dont have a computer at home..... But, the time will be my winner, I never go online with lies, I have never worked that way, they just try to hide a truth, and to get me onto hospital and hide me there, to steal my ID. I am sick, sick, sick of this matter now, and also I will take back all my accounts, including facebook.com/sivan.bostrom. This is a verified account I cant reach via my own computer and phone. I will show all, later, how they systematically have arranged all this, how they have made up movies, how they have made up things behind whilst I have tried and tried to repair my computer. I also suspect they have made a false intervjue with my youngest daughter Elin, 14, they gave her a lot of things and now she doesmt dare to say the truth....she has to pay for what they gave her. Guitars, synths, furniture, computer, all they gave her, and also many of my relatives are making up lies just for the sake of money. Everything i say, they arrange so it looks like it is the opposite.....I have to smile...a little. I am so sick of this mess right now, and they have also used voice detectors (theory), sand voice recognitions, pre-recorded messages to save for the day i die. THIS is what I am delivered. THERE WILL BE NO SWEDISH HOSPITAL FOR ME. I will go abroad soon folks, continue my music, I have NEVER seriously said I will quit. And I can say...as it seems right now, my kids Sandra 25, and my daughter Linette 18, are trying (theory) to steal my ID, to use it, to use me, to use my music. Thats unacceptable I wish all a great day and be sure you all will hear from me ahead. Still fighting for the truth...I love you my radiohost, 2010, onefm, 22-02 There´s no other guy that you when it comes to thinking of a real relation (ok, I mentioned Mr Smile original, the swedish dancepartner, but he is away somewhere) Love to all, Sivan

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