fredag 3 augusti 2012

Jesus Christ, Praise Thé Liars....

Jesus Christ, praise thé liars I am grateful For thé things I have every day, I sing within several genres, but if this outcome is what I have to take, I Think I have to secure my mp3 Songs ahead..... Voice Detectors and voice changers, to accuse Me. Ohhh God, pathetic. So pathetic to make anyone God, that I would steal a single Song. I have had brake ins here and in an old apartment I had, and I can prove it in Court God, there are so many ways to offer People things, mostly they choose things making a human sad, confused and others. I have given and given, Self lived on zero and nothing, so why dont they choose right things, one single time My Dreams God, is Music and Charity work abroad, thé last I had to use when I didnt get a Job, now this group are trying to take thé last I have, my Music, and my BEING, a k a my ID, It cant be right Amen

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