fredag 3 augusti 2012

My voice....changed? dont even try....

DEAR FANS!!!! BE AWARE OF HACKERS WHICH ARE USING VOICE CHANGERS AND VOICE DETECTORS. On Me! They claim all over thé Web (theory( that I am saying things I havent Said, doing things I havent done. I suspect they are contacting supporters worldwide claiming this so that they get an opportunity to steal my ID in thé End , if they get Me off thé Web, they Will Do it. Believe Me, as it was an offer to Me to 'pass' over to a criminal group, that I would agree within that I had stolen covers. THEORIES they are sitting here in my house in real time every day sending out Clear lies what I say. In a karaoke site on thé net, they have lowered my possibilities to sing my own voice, which normally is a bit higher. All can hear my voice and I can prove that I never ever have stolen any covers at all!!!!! I would never ever Do. I have given away my Music For Free at soundclick as I suspected some have been Selling my Music on Spotify, and maybe on other sites too (mentioning US part of ITunes....) In any ways I suspect they have recorded Me either by thé equipment (read have in my body, or via thé walls, third option is that they have put something in my speakers, as they wanted Me to stop recording with headset.....this group is really a shame!!!!! So much I have given, For Free on both songweavers and soundclick, nearly 35 to 40 Songs... give up!!!! Leave my life and Music intact, I dont belong to you Sivan

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