fredag 23 december 2011

The day before Christmas

YOU...(P.A), tomorrow it is Christmas Eve, another year without you and I still wonder why. There are things I would be able to do but I cant without your support, without you beside me. Without you I dont wantm I dont make this specific things (you know what it is...)

Everything is so strange now, not as last year, not as the year before that, much have changed and I have to...I dont get any order at all this around me, the "job-offers" and all....

I am not able to wake you up at christmas morning with coffee on bed (santa will give you, look above, hahaha), even though it would be my biggest wish, but I really wish you and others a great christmas. For you I wish that you are resting, that you are relaxing and just feeling good. I love you, and you know it.
Happy Christmas, come visiting and share the new year with me...dont be shy and afraid...

I have not had technical possibilities, neither any time left for making a christmas song for you, but I dedicate the lyrics and the best song I have in my player right now....

Yours, Sivan

My daughter Linette 17, was just calling me to ask how she can make tunafishmix (creme fraiche based mix).....I wonder why....because this is normally my thoughts for christmas (again...and again...and again). My oldest daughter are not coming with my grandson this year....just wished they could come and pick up his presents.

(Also wishing all others a great christmas, to my fans out there, I love you too, thanks for the charts you all have given me in :-))))))))

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