söndag 18 december 2011

Dec 18, A Bleak Day in Östersund ;-))))

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW....Christmas Time comes closer. Yesterday I was cleaning up my oldie computer, sorted out some folders, burned over some new projects on cd and more....lets see if it can be ok now, so I can create some more music. :-)))

Regarding the thinking idea, I can only say that if this man/men who is working with it, could realise that if they only present negatives (as they claim I have been thinking), no one will believe it.. I have loved and I love this man Mr P.A, from here and there is nothing in this world changing it. =))))))) A promise is a promise and nobody can change Gods directions....it will be we, in the end, thats my believe whatever folks are saying and thinking. I am 47 years this upcoming Spring, and he is around 50, we really fit together.

I have told them many times, written, that I am often thinking around things, before I take my final descision in what to believe or not. I am more often thinking positives around my love, so it seems to me very strange that all they are presenting is that i am thinking bad things about him, and I DONT.

Sitting in my mums house right now and we are listening to X-factor. I miss some country singers, women and men.

In my player this day: Amy Winehouse -  Valerie

Kate Walsh - You Leave me Breathless You leave Me Breathless

Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me You Belong With Me

Brad Paisley - Old Alabama Old Alabama

Much Love and Kisses To YOU....

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