tisdag 27 december 2011

It goes worse and worse with all lies...hmm

Yesterday, new lies from my relatives....Linette, my 17 year old daughter, came for a while talking to my mother about that she had changed the pants again, made them smaller...hahaha, made them smaller....she has become a bit bigger, I have proof by using the camera at christmas eve. All are liars and nothing else at all, making people believe that I am a liar instead. Why then?

The man who is haunting my daughter, tries to claim that he is going to get a child in secret with her, and he is NOT! The thing I woke up to today was a movie at tv..., talking about Dirty Dancing, which is mine and P.A:s song together, the song I sended to him via email in 2010, I talked about that he would (when he did not reply to me of some reason) regret it, and that he could have had "The Time Of His Life"...referring to this song. All this is rediciolus, a younger man trying to take his ID and using it frequently, saying I am jelouse at him and my daughter... Who the hxxx...is jelouse if one are a mother to a 17 year old girl, which he obviously is trying to get, to use my thinking idea....noway. Jelouse, is the wrong word, it is a catastroph.

I dont have to say much more, they will loose this game in the end, I am just trying to explain the truth. He is probably hungry for money, and nothing else. Wouldn´t surprise me if this man was the man using another ID at facebook, talking so bad about a "fucking woman with a metal ass" and another one "fat ass on her way to the gym in a car". He is totally cold as a person. This is NOT my P.A and all has its limits, one have to differ between jobs and private life.

Well, today, we have a bad weather in here, and I can only say I was about to blow away outside but I am grateful...I can breathe great air...(smile).

Heyy folks, yesterday, I got a feeling to sing for Mr Smile (Mr dance original, the tiny one)...again :-) Felt that I would love to meet him again, he is very kind I believe. So dearest, come dance with me again , or call me, or message me again, I just want to see your smile again and tell you something. As I said, I am not loving you yet, but it would not be impossible...I am sure of that now. :-)))

To all others, fans and friends, have a great week, soon we will celebrate NEW YEAR, wooohooo. Next year will be a GOOD year for me I believe. God loves me! :P

( He loves all who deserves it...) The world will see who is the liars in the end even though I may be forced suffering during the time for loading all proofs....but it is certainly worth it.

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