lördag 26 november 2011

The thinking idea, written of me many years ago

Look, this is one of my dreams, to go by boat (honeymoon) after marriage in a train, where the man propose to the girl first in a train. I am still 46 years, I am still Sivan and not Linette 17. My youngest Elin, is 14 years and she is not Linette. Fantasia is also my name suggestion on the boat they have stolen, I have thought about it a long time back in time.....

I wrote an idea many years ago, about a connection between the stomage and the brain, so called signals, where u can count day by day through checks and controlling of the person, what she does, what she says, movements and others. When u move - the brain gives one signal, when moving a finger the same,  u can catch it by putting an electronic thing and an isotope camera inside the persons body (is used by doctors for other purposes normally). Day by day through studying the persons behaviour, you can easily read out the signals for other things too, it takes a long time but this is what they have done, and try to steal from me now, as far as I have understood, as they put me out.

Someone picked this idea up and have made research on it during all these years without my knowledge. Later they "forced" (suggested hardly) me into facebook, from a music site, and there used me and tried to convince me that if I did some things I would be able to go to Spain, Italy and US,Also France to continue my music production and much more....

Now of any reason they have changed their minds and are trying to use my daughter Linette 17, instead. They are trying to put my ID as Sivan 46 years, on her, she is 17. Its intended that she will be the one (even though I own the idea) who next year when she is 18, and can get married, will go with a man I started to love, at least this is the rumors. He must really hate me, and have duped her. I dont know, but this is a sensation and now and ahead I will put out the most of the things I am thinking on this site, sivanto.se, soundclick.com/sivan, and finally facebook.com/sivan.bostrom.

After a two year long "relation" online, he is accusing me of being a cheater, because others have most probable been filming me in secret from my bedroom. I can only laugh and say, with my low income it would be a joke to say that I had done any "sex business" in my apt. I earn about 7500 SEK netto and my rent is 6000......I have never had a man in this house as this is an agreement between me and my kids.

The one has made sites on the net, about my "sleeping", that I cant "get out of bed" and be a happy woman....well....if one cant sleep at nights because it is disturbing sounds, and they are using the electricity here (I proved that before on this blog by showing a temp counter which showed minus 37-38 degrees. THAT does not happen if the electricity is normal...also we have sensor based electricity in here so when  person comes in to the house the lights works - there between they dont. BUT, at nights the lights is ON all the time, fixed. Sometimes it is very hard to sleep because it is a stinging feeling all over the body. Also, to wait 2 long years for a man who never shows up, this can cause many tears and is fully normal.

My seenteen year old daughter has recently got an apartment from our municipality landlord (the one who closed me out for things we argued about 2007, a barking dog and chats with my daughter), in exactly the same place whih was my dream to live. My oldest daughter Sandra, she got a son, just as I wished 5 years ago...my friend Monica got a summer house close to the Storsjön lake, which also was my dream....so they 
hate me. Are u beginning to realise that this municipality is making me wrongs? Was I right all these years? Yes I was. And how can I feel lust to improve, when thea are never satisfied with anything I do. I am happy most of the days, I go out meeting people, always with a smile on my face, but I will never be enough in here. I am just trying to survive...

Its intented that it now will look as if I am my daughter, interested in fashion. SHE now goes on a fashion school here in Östersund, Sweden. Later they intend to go to Paris, Roma and US California, according to the proofs I can see in facebook, use all my ideas as I have been wishing.

I had a police report in,  for stealing of my music, and also for harassments and the things I am carrying in my body right now, which most probably were put in when I made an abortion many years ago....I know this doc, if so.

Later (cant do it now) I will put out proofs for people that I wrote this idea many years ago, and also I will try to daily focus on what I am thinking and report it here. Later look on the web and see how much they steal from me. Compare the newspapers AFTER I have written about it, Check the paper before u check my site, then u have the proofs needed.

And me? Well, they try every day here to put me into hospital, saying that I am psycho sick. Of course, this is a million trillion dollar idea....and I OWN IT.

I think i will get myself a lawyer now
I am tired of this using of my life.

Once hated, always hated, because I dont weep the floor with them. I am very sad of that. But I have my on body and life toc are, the only thing I have left. I am carrying that.


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