söndag 1 januari 2012

Sanningen inför 2012

Hi people....there are always people in this world trying to put you OUT opf things they have promised. Promised with their heart, their sould and their minds.....they simply cant admit that they are wrong. And actually I dont mind about all thesde investigations about if I am scitzofrenic or not. I know,

He, the one I l have loved for 2 years, told me in 2010 that he would love me all my life, all the time, travel with me all over the world, he played songs for me, which made myb heart melt, completely. He has been uintil yesterday, the one I have loved from the deep bottom of myb heart. ALL knows it, but no one admits it. Cowards.

I am NOT afraid of him , nor anyone else. I know what i can, I am a singer, and i can! In dare! My second darling Mr Smile did never get the chance last year, but I have decided this 2012, toi give him this chance to meet me again .....come one baby, I say.I love me, I love the world, and suddenly.....folks, I am going from here. Just wait, Italy is waiting for me and my voice, Fuck the Spain haunting people. What is Spain for me?mNothing.....and certainly my daughter 17, will NOT go anywhere to get famous by a man who is lecherous,´.

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