fredag 29 januari 2010

DAGENS KLOTTER 45 - Too low, too bad..

Hi all
Sorry to you few Swedes uncomfortable with the english language, but Google translator does not work properly right now.

As I have talked about the last days is the harassments against me and my kids. I have asked for help to get out of here, they are manipulating with the electricity at nights so i can not sleep. Actually I dont understand a damn thing about this. First,long time ago, some people are claiming online that I am in need of a shrink, and after all this such things happen. Of course! How could they operate with all this with a healthy person!? And how sick am I? How many have claimed me as sick before this started??? And, how many has heard me allow any form of science on me and my kids if so?? Nobody, as I havent allowed it.

I am still on my legs...but not much more and as far as I know if I can not stand on my legs without shaking it does not depend on my psyche! Maybe the electricity you are manipulating with at nights. I have said all the time, tried to sell my music to get out of here, I want too stay in Turkey and meet my old friends and mate. How can a person become healthy through this treatment???!! I must ask one more time as I  know that the responsible people are reading this, I ask you again, HOW can I get healthy if you kill me before I get a chance to defend myself and get a chance to know what all this is about??? You really have to be sick.

In Turkey I have my real friends and they treat me as a human, at least they let me sleep at nights without destroying my sofa, mine and my kids beds under with burn-marks, banging in the walls, banging in the door and much more.

Do you all want me to put out all pictures I have taken on this, as a proof? Recordings when you harass us at nights, which leads to that my children has a headache the day after! Be like a normal being and for gods sake tell me what did we do so that we can have a chance to defend ourselves. All this is a shame for Sweden.

To my Turkey friends and fans, I love you all and if I dont die, I will come back to you as soon as I get a chance.


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Anonym sa...

jag förstår att du har svårt att se det här just nu men det är inte möjligt för någon att komma och skruva upp elen och manipulera med din el. Elen kommer i den styrka som elbolagen sänder ut den. varken mer lr mindre. Jag blir oroad när jag läser dina inlägg. Du verkar känns dig förföljd och tror att andra konspirerar mot dig. För dina barns skull gå till någon inom sjukvården och berätta om dina teorier. Jag tror dom kommer fråga om inte du vill ha hjälp. Det är ingen som vill dig något ont.