måndag 14 december 2009

DAGENS KLOTTER 35 - Christmas Thoughts to my beloved abroad

My old x and also one of my best friends ever, I miss you so much, even though it maybe is more like a friend today. You are living there in my paradise, in another culture, in another era. An era where I want to be. You should know, especially now close to christmas time, that I will always remember you. I also believe we will never meet anymore.... It feels strange, but I think it is a fact. You have your life but something inside me says you will never forget me, and our funny nights over there. The freedom we felt, the great music we heard, the people, the love we shared, even though it was kinda temporary.
Now I have not met you in many years but my heart and soul feels like it was yesterday...

I wish you only good days, I wish you joy, real love and care

You are always in my heart....:-)

I dont have words to say how much I miss you. You also live over there, in the place where I wanna be, where I fit, where my soul is resting. I love your family, I love you, and also for you I have to say I dont think we will meet anymore. I am sick today, I dont know how it will work out, if I ever can be healthy again.

I hope you will carry my heart in your hand, our memories, all we have shared. I want to believe, and I know that it is like this that I am something special for you. I hope you will read this and know that I will always love you. I am crying whilst writing this (as you always said..:-)) "you are always crying" but my friend...where you are safe you let your feelings out and open your soul. With you.

Hug your mummy, I wish I just could see you all one more time in my life. All feels so far away now, and at the same time hopeless. How are you today? Please know that I am thinking of you often. I have your gift here on the wall so you are always here with me. It is a pain to be away from you.

The photos I cannot watch so often because I only cry.
I have remembered your words, and listened. You told me I never ever had to crawl for anyone and you told me to focus only on my kids, and dear , I did... and I do.

If there are any God, he´ll lead me back to you again because I need you.
You will always be my soul mate and I love you...


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