fredag 27 januari 2012

Blogging from thé mobile for thé first time ;))))

Hi there all
I am still connected to a 2G connetion even though I have a 3G card.
Does not feel so good, as something must be very wrong.
I am hacked I Believe. When it comes to my love, P.A, I still miss
him so much, I am longing for meeting him IRL. Regarding thé suspicions
ID theft,

I have sent my ID cards, passports for Me and thé kids to thé
responsible courthouse. Now, my Believe is that I Will get my ID back.
Its a shame to use others id:s, and as I obviously are connected to Another
IP than usual, both on thé phone and computer, its probably a hacking attempt.

Well, well, suppose this is a thing for thé local Police to investigate. Yesteray I was at a stor, called Time, here in Östersund, and they played a Song on thé radio, somerthing about shame, I related to that one because I. Went back in time to 2010, when some People did not Believe in Me, they claimed I never listened at all, I did, but I never had thé practical opportunities to Do thé things I was its easy to (seing it in general now, and relating to thé Song where it was a shame that thé one never listened) blame others, without taking thé details in why, Into thé desicions. But, as with all other things, one must go on, leave things behind, try to focus more on oneself and how one are doing, than listen to crap and lies :) Wishing all my fans and People a great. Day..../Sivan

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