måndag 23 januari 2012

ID stöld!!!

Hi there folks

Today I have experienced something in my 46 years old life, someone or some are using my ID. I changed from windows 7, to linux Live cd yesterday night, because it is more easy to handle the connections. This morning I saw, I am connected to Swedish COMHEM!!!!! I have never had that operator, and I am surfing on that operator right now!!! Have contacted them via a form email today, I look serious on this matter. But, I have my passorts, my kids passports, all the id papers I need here at home. Will just fix this issues, and I will be back.

Tactical some hackers have used my ID, they have started with manipulating my phones, connected me to comhem to make it look like if I am using that connection, and that I have ordered it. Today I have put a stop at my old operator (3) when it comes to the voice speeches, my ordinary phone. I have cancelled my old phonenumber and it cant be used from today January 23-2012. The SIM is locked. I have checked the bill and it seems to be normal as of today.

Of course folks, I am about to keep my ID, so I locked the new phone I have from computer traffic and it seems to work properly now so I can use it to at least call. In time I will change all accounts, the numbers, the contact details and I will be back here in the blog. In facebook, I have not been in a long long time. Would not surprise me if they have used that too. I can also see, that mz contacts is changed in Google plus, some record companies (except one I added myself) was added. So, my suspicions that some are trying to even steal my music, seems to be true. They are probably just waiting to use my name, but as I am Sivan, as I am the owner of the music, they cant. There will be no idea at all.

I also suspect they have recorded me in some way while I was repairing my computers, after havng had a lot of problems, now they let me write online on a false connection, to make it look like if I am a liar.

I will assure all people, that I will put my idcards and passports online!!!! To show who I am. I also have insurance papers since a long time ago, I will put them online later.

I have understood that something bad is going on in my house locally, too, so I have made a daily diary as all can view here later. That will show I am following the same line every day, that I am not schitzofrenic (as I have been underlying accused of in facebook earlier, if it is still left...). I have hundreds of files saved from facebook data I can show up later.

I have collected a video yesterday, of my family, this christmas, the one with the long hair is Linette, the one in the sofa is Elin, and my mother Eva, 70 years old!

Have a good day my dear fans, Sivan is back!!
:-PPPPPPPP (To those hacking my accounts)
Love to the others

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