tisdag 3 januari 2012

Folks, life makes me a bit in a wonder, when I see that some people in this world are missing all their chances to things in life. They are making a choice based upon wrong grounds, instead of thinking through things like an adult. If you never try, you can never win, you can never know what another human thinks about you until you have asked....no matter in which age you are. You can never ever win anything within another person by making bad things to her/him. It frustrates me to see that some in this world are loosing their minds and making wrong desicions when all they could have done was to win easy....if they only had asked and been present...

When it comes to jobs, it is different. Some jobs demands power..then you change from your ordinary life at home.
It also confuses me to see that all I am writing about is changing all the time, suddenly right after I have written it online, seems like somene wants it to look like if I am a liar. If I write that a thing is broken on the net, it suddenly works after 10 min....its so strange.

I am passing through some strange days right now, I am analyzing myself, I am talking about the same things over and over again, to check myself, and to report to the mass....that I am not scitzofrenic.

Ohhh only God should know that I believe in HIM, and no one else until I see the fact of what is present. I made some smaller bible studies yesterday....hmm. My blog has suddenly been copied...hehe :-) sivansverige.logspot.com ;-)

Ohhh folks, I am 47 this year...when will I find love? If I only could know if it is the person I loved that much making me wrong or a surrogate using his name, maybe I would not make the desicions I have done now....just wanted to say it.

So until then, when I know, I am hurted, and I have decided to change path and try with someone else. I am hurted but so much stronger than last year.

I am just sighing...sigh sigh...and saying that if someone really wants you, he comes to you IRL and presents oneself without any doubts.

Someone out there loves me, but he is to shy to come and tell me. How does it feel?

Mr Smile (Old orginal Mr Dance)...still thinking about you, view my videoblogs at youtube.com/sivanto

Jawn....nighty folks and YOU....BELIEVE IN YOURSELF I dont bite..

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