lördag 21 januari 2012

Mr Smile (original from 2010)...

Just sitting and watching the Gott Nytt Ar Video again to analyse myself a bit, I hope you have seen it too....? You are mentioned.

I would like to ask you something, I am sorry but I can not dance with you at Folkets Hus, I want to keep the history intact, (LOL) so no changes. But ahead, I can dance again, in some other place in town. Would like to talk to you again.

It is my wish that you are having a great time, I never forget the dark hair, the smiling eyes and your great way of dancing. The first man I have seen smiling with his eyes.

As usual I have some issues in my private life, :-) but I am sure you would understand. Life is an adventure. Lets dance!

Ok, take care, I am not hard to find..write a letter! :-) Thats most safe these days :-)

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