måndag 30 januari 2012

Stefan, I am so happy that you...

....are showing Me every day how a real man Will be, act and behave. You have been helping Me forward, you have been a support to Me all thé time, you have loved Me even though I never had these feelings for you, unfortunately. You are my best friend, there are so many men in this world just living on a bad childhood, raised bad from their mother (mostly). They just have to show others all thé time WHO they are and how BIG they are, often in front of their friends. All knows, we healthy Ones, that these men are feeling themselves so bad inside, and I am really sad many Times when I see it, sometimes I laugh at their way of acting because it seems comic for thé moment.

When you are coming to thé age of 40 or 50 there are so many other values in life, and you just look down on these childish men, and sigh. One want to take them Into thé body and hug them, Tell them, now...stop fight, stop showing thé world that you are a boss and King, you are enough as you are. But, when they dont see it themselves dear Stefan, what can one Do??? I got an email this day I have been sent before, I suspect they are sending them twice to make it look as if it happened now, and not before, Its easy for Me to prove when I joined my Internet sites, but...sigh....they Will probably try anyway...I dont know how many files we have, proving that dear Stefan, so...to try to Change when I added thé sites Will just get them a possible Police report. .

To try to write my handwritten Book, steal it and put it online Will not work either...as you know we talked about to add 'hidden

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Alberto sa...

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