lördag 28 januari 2012

hacked phone. ips and computer, what a pleasure to try to stop the truth

Truth hurts....and thé fact that he wont succeed with his issues around stealing
my ID. There is sorta 'I am controlling you and your life and I am not able to live if I cant shiw you finally that I am a King of thé hackers net' Ok, I am no technician and can never compare myself with such men, but for SURE, I Will never give up thé time perception, and what actually happened in 2010, thé promises and things they gave.

They are now repeating things happening in 2010, trying to make Me Believe that what was then is now, getting themselves false proofs, as they are arranging now, making those looking as if it was then. To stop this I am writing both online and in my hand written diary, it Will come online later. People are running here trying to make Me Believe it is 2010, but a lot of things are missing, all thé Lovely original Songs my love gave Me, as I listened to 24/7, can never make Me Believe wrong.

I always had thé radio on, so how can I forget thé originals....and how love, can I forget YOU. Never. No matter in what is happening, I never leave you P.A. I SAID ALWAYS, AND I MEANT IT, IT WAS OUR PROMISE.

I suspect I have an x man who's is haunting Me, trying to tire Me out by controlling my whole life, but...he dont know Me. Thé more he does, thé more I fight back, and thé more I Will dislike him. NO ONE can Force or convert Me Into love!!!!!!! Its disgusting. A maniacs work, to just even try with Me.....

P.A, I love you, with Celine Dion must be my Song to you this night...NEVER Think I Will forget you and never Think they Will steal my ID. I am more alive than ever. (To original P.A.B, old onefm Channel) your my King, and I wait for you no matter in what thé others have mixed up in thé form of false things they probably Will publish soon......all is not Always what it looks like...but if I Will trust thé rumors, ok, I welcome thé things they have to show, I know WHO I have been thinking of all nights.....so its not important what they come up with. Let them blacklist Me. I have nothing to fear, as you are thé one WHO has been on my mind at nights, at Days, and I have prayed. Kisses to you, and greetings to my fans,


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