torsdag 26 januari 2012

IP changes....

Folks, there is no end..."they" are waiting for all these blogs from me now, to make me write a lot, and a lot, and even more (as the connection really works today!!! :-), after that they will probably show the false "recordings/checkings" they have mixed up to their specific story. I am waiting :-))))) If it is good done, I will take it to the blog later...:-)

All the time at my operator 3, I have had IP addresses beginning with 95, 78, or 109...tonight it is suddenly beginning with 94...hahaha. I am quite sure someone else have taken over the other one, hacked or not, but of course I dont know. Its their sport, these people, to change everything right after I have written about it. Just told it because it is comic.

After when they have finished their job, I will gladly ask my friend Stefan for some assistance...:-)
Stefan, I love you my friend...I love, love, love you as my friend. =))))))
There is something about you making me SMILE so much so i can get pain in my cheaks..its your humor..I suppose you are in the same level of humor as these people I have around. :-) Or even worse...haha.

What would life be without a laugh, when all is black, and have been black for years? What would one do without that smile. When you get used, you dont have that much pain. So Stefan, looking forward of coming in your hands again my best friend. Just I am praying it will be this time. We have tried many times.

Would not surprise me, if some are imtitating all my blogs too...hahaha. To surround me, to catch me in to change my time perception. All these suspicions are coming from the time at facebook, which really have been a weird time of 2½ year. It has been hard to follow and take all these bad words delivered. So I am glad Stefan, that you all have followed all this in real time, because out there some are still underlying accusing me for being sick in my head. I am not, and I will prove it. I am humoristic, I can be mad as few over unfair things sometimes, I can cry as few, so I am following the same line as I have done all the time in the blog, and in my personal handwritten blog, which will come online later...THAT will be a surprise for those who is underlying talking about voice recognitions and voice directions. Would not surprice me if they have voice directed me. Someone told me...shut up, otherwise they will take you to hospital and give you medicals. Why would I be silent, how can they hear me legally if I talk in my apartment, and the sound is coming from there...? :-)....

Last, I believe I have an x-man thinking that if he blackmail me, and make my name black so that no one loves me anymore, he thinks he will have me in his hands...and I say to you, smile, when you heart is aching, smile...and goodbye from me forever.

Goodnight folks...;-)

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