torsdag 26 januari 2012

A cold day in Östersund in many ways....

Brrrr....took myself a walk today in a cold Östersund, visited the insurance company, which helps people with a LOW income to pay their rent. I am so confused. During 6 years of making music on the web with good charts, I havent reached a singel penny. Soo, I suppose it is just to wait..because right now I have to take a brake int he music production of reasons I will reveal very soon.

I took my walk, as I love, and as I have done the last months to loose weight. I have lost 16 -17 kg since September 2010. I am 46 years, and have to think of my health. Checked my blood pressure last night, and it was 115/75, blood sugar also yesterday after having been eating a lot of things containing sugar, after 40 minutes it was down on 6.2, not bad! Its the walks.

Well, back to the insurance, as my daughter has moved out I am unwilling living in a big apartment and it is hard to move in here, they will not pay out anything at all right now (as of todays date) until they have taken a desicion what kinda help I will only continues...the bad.

I bought some cocacola and cigs, and when I was about to leave the store they played a song on the radio, "goodbye" (farväl, in swedish). It was a sad song, at the same time a helicopter surrounded me from above, I heard it. People were walking like crazies on the street, but I took my things and went home again to write in my log book.

About the ID theft, I have contacted the police via email, and probably some are using my IP:s, but I dont want to say anything for sure, yet.

I will start my fight back to space now, and I will ASSURE you all that I am not after to HIT any companies, or even fight, I just want to have my rights back. To my music, to my life, to my personality.

Its not hard to understand why some people possibly have been trying in realtime to record/check me, and control me, its easy to see that they have mixed up different periods in time, to make it look like if it all have happened at the same time. Thats my theory. As I have some memory loss problems I have a hard time to say exactly when things has happened, its probably mainly about hormone problems, but there are more things I cant write about yet. I have to gain and save proofs, in a secure way first, but be sure you all will probably see people present me as a liar, as I suspect they have been recorded me in some way. Just look at the old address (if it is still left, smile...) Thats only ONE of all imitations of my life, there you could read before about an angel who would go to prison.

Anyway, I really hope people will take their smart minds, and get to understand that i am not after anything at all than my ID, and of course my musical rights to my songs. There are so many ways to show that you own things, and I wont give it up...and please remember, I have NEVER entered a studio. I have ONLY made digitally made songs on the computer, after that sent it to the net, most of them are registered with STIM..
I hope all of you are having a great day, and..last...yet I havent died, it is all about the assumptions. =) I was promised something in facebook 2010, and I am so sorry but I can not love on order.

I love my P.A, until the day he calls me and tells me that he does not want to talk to me, or have any contact at all.

Much love to all,

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